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Artist Spotlight: Stephen Glueckert


Stephen Glueckert lives in Missoula, MT.,his birthplace. A fifth generation

Montanan, he received a BFA from the University of Idaho and an M.Ed. in

Art Education from Western Washington University. He has taught at Walla

Walla Community College, the University of Montana, and the University of

Papua New Guinea. He spent ten years at the Northwest Children’s Home as a

counselor and teacher. He has been a recipient of a Montana Individual

Artist’s Fellowship. He is Curator Emeritus for the Missoula Art Museum. In

addition being a practicing artist, he has written extensively about

contemporary artists living and working in Montana.

Artist Statement:

The exhibition is a random gathering of a handful of portfolio sketches and

paintings. None of the work has been shared before. The drawings assembled

share bird imagery and many are dictated by the concepts of pattern,

symmetry and balance that often occur in nature. The sculpture included is

an older participatory assemblage which compliments the drawings. The

drawing “Two Cans” was created for this exhibition and demonstrates the

simplicity and meaning of a metaphor.


Be sure to check out his event "Birds Balance and Beer" Open first Friday 5 - 9PM, January 5th - 26th at Gallery 709.

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