Gallery 709

Montana Art and Framing

Gallery 709 in Montana Art & Framing has the best in internationally known local artists from

Missoula, Montana.

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709  Ronan St. Missoula, MT 59801


Gallery 709 in Montana Art and Framing presents a CLOSING Reception for

"Impressions of the Mo", Corbin Ross photographs and Stephen Glueckert drawings/paintings of the Missouri River January 27,  2022. 5 -  8pm, at 709 Ronan Street, Missoula. Call 406-7100 or check for info. Stephen will play and sing along with refreshments. Wear a Mask.

            An exhibition by Montana natives, Corbin Ross and Stephen Glueckert draw attention to the beauty and unique isolation of the White Cliffs area of the Missouri River.  The complex flora and fauna of the region are a backdrop for an enormous amount of Montana historical drama. Ross' photographs and Glueckert's drawing/paintings were compiled over the last two years on an annual trip down the river and focus primarily on the landscape. 

            Glueckert has canoed the scenic stretch of river annually for the past 20 years. Glueckert's great, grandfather Jacob Carolus had been a cabin boy on the steamboat "Yellowstone".  His great, great, grandfather, John Carolus  had come up the river previously to the settlement of Raidersburg.  Glueckert states, "I feel connected to the river and never tire of it.  Although the river has changed over the years, this remains the path my family trekked to come into the territory. I can't get it out of my system".